Swiss designer Lava Halten managed to combine two completely different according to the purpose of the subject in one coffee table and arcade controller.

It looks like a normal coffee table, under table tops which stick out two metal handles with plastic knobs. To reveal his secret need to pull the handle connected to a pull-out tray itself.

The tray really is designed for two players full arcade controller. To start the game, you must Unscrew the handle from the sockets and insert them in other holes located on the top of the tray, whereupon they turn into sticks.

This one-of-a-kind creation made from American walnut and brass. The kit for him includes a wireless unit for connecting to the TV. Unfortunately, information about the game features “arcade table” is very small.

Love Halten known as the Creator of several custom products, including Burger Advance, arcade, console and portable Geoboi SK4, which was shown in the evening episode of the popular American show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Source — Love Hulten