From the beginning of June in the waters potanuli already 50 people

KIEV. On 13 June. UNN. With the beginning of the month on the waters of the country have already drowned more than 50 people. About it UNN reported with reference to information of the State service for emergency situations.

The rescuers warn Ukrainians against frivolous behavior on the water.

“Only in Khmelnytskyi region rescuers twice for 11 and 12 June, was involved in the seizure of the water drowned children. The first case occurred Neteshin, where while swimming in the river Goryn drowned 10-year-old child. Two brothers in 2010 and 2012, birth fell into the whirlpool and began to sink in the eyes of the grandmother. The woman rushed to rescue the children, but she herself needed help. Holidaymakers who witnessed the incident, managed to save grandmother and little brother. Another child, unfortunately, died. The next day, June 12, from that same river had retrieved the body of a 13-year-old boy who with two friends caught crayfish and drowned in Slavuta”, – reported in gschs.

In Kiev region on 11 June, the rescuers pulled from the river Trubezh the body of a man. The deceased was a local resident, 1972 year of birth, who left this morning to swim and have not calculated the forces.

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In gschs urged citizens to comply strictly with safety rules, in particular:

children in any case should not pass without supervision of adults, well able to swim;

swimming is safe only where there are rescue posts, and therefore examined the bottom of the reservoir and have the opportunity to receive timely assistance;

it is not recommended to swim in the water more than 20 minutes

do not go and dive into the water after prolonged sun exposure;

you cannot swim far away and don’t swim alone, especially if you are not confident in their own abilities;

it is strictly forbidden to bathe in an alcohol intoxication.