The administration of the President of the United States the company entered into Anduril Industries a five-year contract for the construction of watchtowers on the us-Mexican border. By 2022 it is planned to launch not less than 200 towers. The contract is worth several hundred million dollars, and the main element will be the launch of a new security AI technology AI Lattice.

Each tower is an Autonomous object that receives energy from solar panels and is designed for continuous operation 24 hours a day. On top of the tower are locators, video cameras, lidars and other sensors, a common problem is to notice all the objects that move in the border area. AI needed to analyze large amounts of data and recognition of the purposes to inform the border guards and the intelligence services of accurate information, while avoiding false alarms.

Representatives Anduril Industries specify that their system has limits – it will distinguish human from cow or car, but its possible end.
Source — Washington Post