KIEV. 28 Aug. UNN. The us Federal trade Commission (FTС) warned about the emergence of a new kind of cryptocurrency fraud. It is reported by the trade publication CoinDesk, reports UNN.

The representative of the Commission Christina Miranda told me that the attackers are sending members of the male threats to spread some information that might attack their reputation. The silence of the scams require you to transfer the bitcoins to the account.

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In his letters ransomware describe the mechanism for sending bitcoins. The Federal trade Commission designed to protect the rights of consumers, asking citizens not to pay, and immediately contact the police or the FBI. The regulator did not rule out that such threats scammers can send and women.

The office is not the first time warns Americans about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies criminals. For example, in July the Commission held a series of seminars about the types of cryptomnesia.

Recall that recently, the CEO of American financial holding JPMorgan Jamie Dimon criticized towards bitcoin, calling this fraudulent currency and uninteresting.

Also recall that about 75% of Americans think bitcoin “sveshnikovym asset”.

Ukraine, meanwhile, is still undecided in the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The Verkhovna Rada registered several bills to legalize the cryptocurrency market in the country. NBU offers MPs called premature and “raw”.

One of the documents was prepared by the MP from the RPL Serhiy Rybalka. The team of authors of the bill “On stimulation of the cryptocurrency market and its derivatives” he turned on his civil wife — Anastasia Bayborodina. Then the colleague on fraction the latter criticized “for pulling the familiar” in the lists of legislators.

With regard to the nature of the proposed Fishing of the bill, the experts of the Bitcoin Foundation, called it meaningless.

And the General Director of investment and banking firm European Capital Management Vadim Brailovsky, and even stated that the initiative of a radical is nothing more than political populism.