ODESSA-KIEV. 28 August.UNN. Upon firing the 5th station of Big fountain in Odessa police checks. About it reported in a press-service of GUNP in Odessa region, reports UNN.

So, to the specialline “102” the message arrived that in the Parking lot, near one of the fast food, between a group of individuals had a conflict with the shooting.

“Previously it is established that a conflict between a group of people escalated into a fight, during which one of the participants made in the side of the car several shots from a traumatic pistol belonging to one of the parties to the conflict. As a result of fighting one of the men received a head injury, he was given medical assistance”, – noted in police.

As a result of firing nobody suffered. The parties to the conflict taken to the police station to establish the circumstances of the incident.

We will remind, this morning in Odessa, the girl opened fire.