With each match the pitch of the Chornomorets stadium in Odessa is getting worse and worse, and don’t see no reason, no reason to improve.

Read the burial service Oleg winnick, left, leaving the Europa League, “Mariupol”. Why care?

On Saturday in Odessa “pitch” is painfully reminiscent of the Poltava field of stadium “the locomotive” before a failed last spring, the Cup game “Poltava” with “Shakhtar”. The owners then are forfeited, not based on report by referee Kateryna Monzul as prescribed by the regulations, but solely on the picture of the famous channel who cares about the interests of Shakhtar.

The document was signed faithful companion Andriy Pavelko (that speaks volumes), Chairman of the Committee of stadiums and security of competitions Gennady Prokopovich – a loved the same channel the head of the Chernihiv regional Federation.

Then journalists another channel and another football program turned into an independent institution with a request to make graphological examination of the signature allegedly Prokopovich, because it was not similar to his previous autographs.

The verdict is unambiguous. “The signature looks rather crude forgery. Basically a fake perform more carefully. Can’t say that it was very thorough. The signature was written by Prokopovich and other person with imitation,” said graphologist Elena Krivosheina.

Himself Prakapovich beat yourself heel in the chest, saying that it was his signature. Oh well, it’s past. You never know, in what condition was the man, and whether he ever sign with a trembling hand. Anyway, the decision was not taken there. And after graduation, the Vice-President of FFU have nothing surprised.

…You know, when the Federation will take the field in Odessa? Not earlier than February 23. Just this day, the base for the tour, “Chernomorets” must take “Shakhtar”. Offer you offhand the reason for the cancellation of the match or its transfer to Kharkov:

1. On a day like this (if someone forgot – the Day of Soviet army and Navy) in Odessa possible disturbances.

2. Shakhtar need a good conditions to prepare for European matches.

Wait until the end of February. How many of the winter…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine