In social networks there was video as undermined
Russian BTR in Syria transportorul tractors the Turkish military. After the explosion
bombs on the road Russian armor to move independently

Video was filmed by one of the witnesses on camera
mobile phone and published online.

“One Russian armored personnel carrier was damaged and could not
to move on their own”
, – commented on the video who posted it

In the video you can see how Turkish military tractor
the army drags the APC after coupling: the Russian car is moving backwards. Number
sign is punched by the explosion of the APC 012 marked MP and flags of Russia on the case.

Column of Russian military blew up a landmine while on patrol
Idlib province on the highway M-4: rebels have laid land mine on the side and
activated it at a time when the Russians passed by. The attack occurred between
settlements Erich and Urum al-Jarusa.

One Russian armored personnel carrier was damaged and could not move on their own.

— Artem (@A_Yuzhakov) June 16, 2020

Russian armored personnel carrier blew up laid at a roadside improvised explosive device.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Russia is using “Wagner” has strengthened the recruitment of mercenaries in Syria for the Libyan war.

Mark Voroshilov