Party For “the truth”, which is
fought in the Donbass, and recognized in terrorism Russian Zakhar Prilepin
named “male” published the election programme, which aimed to destroy Ukraine.

This is reported by Russian media, quoting a fragment
election program of the party, which is published on the official page of political power.

Party Prilepin has openly declared that Russia will make every
the maximum of their effort to destroy the “Russophobic and nationalist”
the government of Ukraine.

The paper noted that Russia plans
to occupy Ukrainian territory, to disintegrate them and to include
Russia: the main Russian politicians are interested in Russian-speaking regions,
which at the moment is their main goal.

“The Ukrainian state with such a regime
Russia is not satisfied. We will fight until its complete destruction. Our task
is the disintegration of the state and the voluntary joining of the Ukrainian
areas with a predominantly Russian-speaking and Russian population in the composition
Of Russia”
, – stated in the document.

The publication caused a scandal in social
networks. Users claim that Russia is openly declared fascist
views towards the neighboring countries, publicly expressing the need
the occupation and dismemberment.

“This is the norm for pre-election program is not removed from the elections, do not stop the party’s registration in the Ministry of justice? – write users.

“Ordinary Russian fascism. Only these
the Nazis publicly Express my opinion, and the Kremlin is trying this policy
to bring to life, under the false tales about the brotherly people”, –
one of the users of the political program of the party Prilepin.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that Ermak announced the main achievement of the talks with Kozak in Berlin: “one step closer”.

We also wrote that Kozak requires a response Zelensky or Smagala for “Minsk”: “Should be soon”.

Mark Voroshilov