According to weather forecasts, weather first “show character” in the Western regions of Ukraine, and then in the East of our country. Due to the cold Northern air will gradually drop throughout the territory.

About the arrival of cold atmospheric front from 13 Aprildue to the cyclone over the Baltic sea, reported on his page in Facebook MetaPost.

According to the forecast of weather forecasters, in the West, April 13-14, is expected to 0…+7 degrees, rain and possibly snow.

In the North the thermometer will show 0…+8 with a chance of snow showers. The same precipitation is expected in the East, the air temperature will be 0…+6 degrees.

In the Central regions will be 0…+8 degrees and a little rain, and in the South warmer – up to +5…11 degrees and light rain.

In the West, the North and South wind gusts will reach 15, in the East and in the center is 16-17m/s.

Forecasters said that on the territory of Ukraine from 13 to 16 April frost is possible by night, with the exception of the South of our country.

Previously, forecasters had predicted what the weather in the summer to prepare for the Ukrainians.

According to the forecast, summer will come earlier than usual, and will be accompanied by “hot temperatures”. In addition, it is possible that current climate variability will have a detrimental effect on the situation with the harvest.

We also wrote what weather is predicted Kharkov marmot Timka III. In addition to the spring forecast, “the weather forecaster” gave to understand, what will be the upcoming winter of 2020-2021.

According to forecasts Timka III, the habitual winters with snow in Ukraine will not. Winter will be marked with besseggen and warmth.