Unit APU blew up a truck of Russian
mercenaries “DNR” militants reported dead and wounded in the result
strike. Moreover, the rebels claim that the Ukrainian army soldiers retaliated
the Russians for undermining their “Ural” on the front lines informed.

Comments of fighters on his page in the social
Twitter published blogger Necro Mancer.

Also, there are pictures undermined near Sahanka
machine fighters. The journalists of “DNR” report that as a result of hitting one
a Russian mercenary was killed and another was seriously injured. I have installed it
name: lubens’kyi’s novel.

“Ukry and took us over the Ural”, – he wrote
Russian mercenary Aleksei Smirnov, in fact, confirmed that the shelling of the Urals
previously at the forefront were the Russian invaders.

On the published pictures you can see the truck
fighters in war paint standing in the middle of the road after being hit by a rocket.

Fire fighters took place in mid-March, but
significantly the information was collected and published only now.

Recall, escaped from ORDO terrorist Girkin told who wins in the clash of the APU and the Russian army in the Donbass.

We also wrote that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky came straight to the front, and visited one of the positions of the APU, where with the help of optical devices examined enemy positions.