KIEV. 28 Aug. UNN. After Britain’s withdrawal from the EU Association Agreement with Ukraine, the Kingdom will lose its strength, so countries are negotiating a new, more ambitious agreement. On Tuesday at a meeting of the ambassadors said the Ambassador of Ukraine in great Britain Natalia galibarenko, the correspondent of UNN.

“The British deliberately introduced a transitional period until the end of 2020 in order to gradually start to translate everything on the bilateral track. This is a very efficient approach, because only bilateral agreements that need to re-sign, about 200, ranging from such “bison” as Canada and the United States, and ending with States like ours. That is, we also raise the question of that between us should exist a new bilateral agreement, because the Agreement on Association, which now governs our relationships, lose their force,” he said.

According to her, until now, Ukraine has been expert advice on the British side on this issue.

“We told the British that we don’t want to just take the existing Association Agreement to cut it up, throw sectoral part and stay suspended for 10 pages. We want real negotiations and look at the ambitious agreement. Even in comparison with the Association Agreement,” – said Galibarenko.

According to her, Ukraine and the UK have a sector where there is potential for closer cooperation.

“Now there is a positive signal that the British were ready to negotiate, they agree that it is very abbreviated agreement will not work. Now we should form a delegation and to issue directives, which specify our vision and to start official talks, as the time up to 2020, but its not much…” – said the Ambassador.

Recall Galibarenko said that after Brexit, the UK will expand their own sanctions against Russia.