Former goalkeeper of “Karpaty” and Zaporozhye “torpedo” 1990-2000-ies Gennady Zhilkin commented on the events of the sixth round of the championship of Ukraine.

– Last round was rich in surprises. Of the six matches you guessed the outcome of only two. Is our football is so unpredictable?

– It turns out that way. And it pleases. As for the games involving our two representatives in UEFA club tournaments, “Dynamo” and “dawn” didn’t want to risk releasing more than half back-up compounds. I confess, a little disappointed Karpaty did not think that at home, they will let “Arsenal”.

Not the best look and “Mariupol”, in defense of which in the game against Lviv was a thoroughfare. If guests in a number of episodes from Khudzhamov’s goal was exactly the match could have ended after the first half, with the score 0:3.

In General, everything turned out contrary to expectations. But whatever it was, and pleased with the fact that there is a struggle. The team, which belongs to the outsiders, start to beat and produce points. For the Ukrainian championship is a big plus.

– Which tour has surprised you the most?

– Luxury box at the stadium in Odessa (with obvious irony – Approx. V. K.). As I look responsible for training people fans over him to make fun of. A year and a half ago, in February 2017, the grass cover it was missing almost completely, and this summer it’s all in huge bald spots. It is unclear what happens with a lawn. What kind of football can be a speech if on the field of stadium “Chernomorets” to play? The ball “breaks” it is difficult to handle. I have no words to convey the emotions caused by such blatant incompetence! If we talk about the matches of the last round, for their dedication to the fight I like the “lions.” I expected more from “Vorskla”, but its players can understand. People do not train that so many endure these “swing” on a salary!

– What are the successes of the “Alexandria”?

– With a stable composition and a stable game. Her coach Volodymyr Sharan did the right thing, keeping the backbone of the team. It is worth to pay tribute to him and the emphasis is placed on the standard position. From “Alexandria” to get the most from corners and free-kicks that brings her the result. According to the “standards” of the Alexandrians at this stage surpass all.

– Rotation in the composition of “Dynamo” and “Dawn” after the European Cup matches has demonstrated that the new key players players of equivalent replacement did not. Agree?

– One hundred percent. Even a million! Those players who were given a chance not too and took advantage of them. It says that the benches of both teams is very short. “Dynamo” and “Dawn” in this context can be even more difficult in the future, when will the suspension and injury. How will they make up for these losses? And if our team qualifies to the next round of competitions (I hope to God it was true, which I sincerely wish them), they will have a very, very hard.

– Can Zorya and Vorskla to stabilize the game and continue to fight for medals?

– Zorya has repeatedly proven that fights till the end, until the last round. I hope that’s a skill she will be inherent in this season. As for Vorskla, tournament success will be if the club will improve the situation with the finances. Potential of Poltava team capable adequately to act in League of Europe and to join in the fight for the bronze.

Fourth place, which turned out to be “Chernomorets” – coincidence or pattern?

– All this is temporary. “Sailors” so far luck: if in the game a small chance that they use it a hundred percent. And also mostly with the “standards”. Plus their “posh” box helps too – it is for any opponent to show their best qualities uncomfortable.

– Whether to be considered a major victory of “Shakhtar” as a return to former levels of productivity, which has long been observed in the spring of last season?

– It is evident that the miners added from game to game. If we talk about their recent match with Marseille, I didn’t expect the team of Roman Sanzhar a quitter. The question about the winner was decided already in the first half. I am glad that on the eve of the start of the group round of the Champions League game in Shakhtar’s progress.

– What happens to one of your former clubs – FC Karpaty losing points despite a change of coach?

The reason. Too quickly these shifts happen. And it is fundamentally wrong. You need to give a chance to a coach you trust. Provide the opportunity to work in the “Karpaty” not a month or two or three, but at least season two. For example you need not go far: in the same “Carpathians” Oleg Kononov worked for three and a half years, making the team capable a year later. I remember Juande Ramos at Dnipro. The Spaniard only the third year of their work gave results.

In the “Carpathians” in recent years somehow turns all the way – steering changed like gloves. I wonder: do the players even have time to remember one of the coaches name. You need to understand that no matter how specialist, he’s not a magician. I think, ask in the current Karpaty Jose Mourinho or Josep Guardiola – and they too will be fired in a month or two. Consider it a mockery of the Lviv fans, the team. And over coaches too.

– Do you think that for “Lviv” changes to the coaching staff benefited?

– I think so. Yuriy Bakalov – educated and ambitious coach. He does not stand still and is always trying to improve. Got good signs on him that he had proved when he was working as an assistant head coach capital “the Arsenal”. I think that he also needs to give time and then look at the results.

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine