People’s choice of Ukraine and the head of fraction of party IN
“Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko has criticized the Ukrainian President
Vladimir Zelensky in “historic moment” – the signing of the law
“On land market”. She wrote about this on his page in the social network

According to the MP, this action Zelensky “betrayed
people” and showed that the interests of “international speculators” for
it stand above the interests of Ukrainians.

“Vladimir Zelensky was on the side of global speculators. He betrayed the nation, violated
the oath infringed on the constitutional order and state sovereignty…” — Tymoshenko wrote and added that this is not the end, and soon her
the faction will try to appeal this in court.

“The struggle continues.
We will promptly appeal this decision a criminal in the constitutional
court”, — added Tymoshenko.

Recall that today, April 28, after the signing
law by President Vladimir Zelensky, in Ukraine officially earned the land market. Soon this legal act will be returned in
The Verkhovna Rada, the text of the law published in the parliamentary newspaper “the Voice
Of Ukraine”.