The political analyst Alexei holomuzki on the channel in the Telegram criticized the Cabinet for a ban on Ukrainians to travel abroad for work.

The fifth President Poroshenko’s “iron curtain” between Ukraine and the world opened. The sixth President Zelensky closed back. Nothing to stagger on earnings!” he said.

Golobutsky believes that the economic crisis in the country could take a greater number of lives than the worst scenario of the epidemic.

He reminded that in connection with quarantine has returned to Ukraine about 2 million migrant workers. And the government promised 500 thousand jobs sometime in the future, obviously not able to solve the problem with total unemployment.

A hole in the budget deficit was laid at the level of 300 billion UAH. (About $ 10 billion). According to estimates most authorities, the workers in the past year, was transferred to Ukraine about $ 11 billion, That is, they are even in conditions of quarantine and reduction of livelihood opportunities could at least partly close the hole, infusing cash into the economy, more cash“, said the political strategist.

He showed a screenshot of the flights in Europe. Only over Ukraine, there are no sides.

Ukraine strict quarantine. In the sky over Ukraine – holo. We surpassed all. Like can afford it“, – said golobutsky.

Similar opinion was made on his page on Facebook and a politician, the Chairman of the party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok.

It’s not the end of an era of poverty. This renewed serfdom“- he wrote.

Tyagnibok drew attention that the Europeans reacted strongly to this decision. The government even threatened to opt out of the labor force from Ukraine. In the meantime, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal makes statements about the “educated labour force” and promises them future jobs with salaries in the 6 – 8 thousand hryvnia.

And the decency in this?! On the nose yourself mark: the workers – not your slave labor, and a strategic investor in the Ukrainian economy“, – the politician wrote. He believes that the government must do everything to contribute to them, but not to set restrictions.

Tyagnibok urged the government to do everything possible so that the current workers had the opportunity to fulfill themselves in Ukraine, and not forced to close them in the country.

Hands off workers!” – advised the leader of “Freedom”.

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