Trump’s lawyer wrongly accused Twitter in the distortion of his message

KIEV. 6 Dec. UNN. The lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani falsely accusing employees of Twitter that they deliberately made changes to its entry in the blog include the words offensive to the American leader Donald trump. This was reported by the NBC TV channel, reports UNN.

Giuliani 30 Nov tweeted a post that drew attention to the fact that spectracolor USA Robert Mueller with investigating RF interference in the American electoral processes, to announce new steps in the proceedings deliberately chooses the most disadvantageous to trump time. “Mueller has published the indictment when the President went to the G20. In July, he charged the Russians, who never will not come here, just before he (the US President) went to Helsinki”. “And then, and it could be done or sooner or later,” added Giuliani, stressing that spectacular acting out of control and needs supervision.

In his message, Giuliani did not put a space between the dot after the name “twenty”, and also following the English preposition “in”. Combination. “in” is the designation of the national domain for India, thus, the resulting recording “the” was actually the address of the page in the Internet, which at that time did not exist. As noted by NBC, the designer from Atlanta (GA) Jason Velasquez noticed this and decided to take a moment to, in his words, “do something funny”. Velasquez acquired the rights to this address and posted a simple page with the record: “Donald trump is a traitor to our country.”

After that, everyone who checked out this entry Giuliani on Twitter, could pass the link to this page and read the words of Velasquez about the American leader. Trump’s lawyer on Tuesday posted a new message in which he accused the administration of the social network that she “allowed someone to invade” in his blog and to place a “disgusting message, directed against the President.” Giuliani said that before did not put a space after the period, but it did not lead to similar results.

As NBC explains, Giuliani, apparently, do not understand exactly what happened. So in other words, who followed in his messages after the point probably was not a notation of domains, in contrast to, for example, from the combination “.in”. The channel in this regard, recalls that trump after winning the election, Giuliani was appointed to the post of White house adviser on cybersecurity issues.

As reported UNN, Facebook commented on the publication of a British government internal documents of the company.