Trump has signed a temporary ban on the entry of immigrants “threaten” the us labor market

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The US President Donald trump has signed a decree suspending the entry into the country immigrants who “pose a risk to the US labor market in the period of economic recovery after the flash COVID-19”. According to the American leader, without such interference, the country’s economic recovery will be delayed and unemployment will remain high.

“Excess labor supply affects all employees and applicants, but is particularly harmful to workers between employment and unemployment,” said the President. Among them trump called African-Americans and other minorities, people with no College degree and people with disabilities.

According to trump, the existing immigration restrictions are not enough to restore after the outbreak of the coronavirus. The US President believes that the inflow of new legal permanent residents will pose a threat to the jobs deficit in the country and will lead to additional load of the health system whose resources are already limited. The priority in this case, you need to give the Americans and the existing immigrant population, said trump.

According to the decree, published on the White house website, a temporary ban will apply only to foreigners who have not applied for immigration papers in the US and now abroad. It does not apply to foreigners already having an immigrant visa in the United States, holders of existing green cards or citizens of other States residing in the United States, and, in accordance with the law intending to legally obtain a residence permit in the country.

Exceptions are also made for medical professionals and researchers who are involved in the fight against COVID-19; foreign spouses and children of U.S. citizens, servicemen of the American armed forces, children, that can adopt US citizens and holders of so-called investment visas.

The decree also does not apply to foreigners, a move which in the United States in the interests of American law enforcement or national security interests, applicants for special visas available to the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who had assisted American troops and seasonal agricultural workers temporarily coming to the United States on work visas to participate in the harvest.

According to trump, for the last few weeks, almost 22 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits. However, analysts believe that his decree is unlikely to affect the statistics. According to a recent study by the migration policy Institute, referenced by the BBC Russian service, immigrants now occupy only 17% of all jobs in the U.S., but they play a key role in the fight against the epidemic.

Immigrants are 29% of doctors, 38% of social workers who provide patients care at home, 34% of drivers of public transport and 16% of sales in grocery stores. According to immigration lawyers, the new ban does not make sense. On 20 March, the US state Department in connection with the pandemic coronavirus announced a temporary cessation of issuance and immigration, and tourist, and work visas. US immigration service for a few days before it was suspended indefinitely any physical contact with those wishing to obtain American papers. Interview, the surrender necessary to obtain a green card biometric data and the ceremony of entry into American citizenship revoked. Applications filed outside the United States, and so are not considered for more than a month.