Today, April 29, in the morning under the building of the Cabinet
Ministers people staged a rally and began to block roads. It is noted that
the scene immediately the police arrived and people called to order, but they
refused to disperse. After lunch they went to the people’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko,
who also acts for the commutation of quarantine.

According to the Deputy, people all day were no
the official, the official answer also, no one filed. Goncharenko not
understand why run pawn shops, restaurants deputies and other unnecessary places, but the real business to run.

The MP is unhappy that “servants” everything, and people
nothing. But emphasizes that the work of the Cabinet is still allowed. The Deputy explained
that the government is killing the economy and understands this, supporting the idea of a double
standards in politics.

Goncharenko was at the Cabinet meeting and told about
how officials react to protests.

Earlier it was reported that on 29 April in the center of Kiev was again
covered by the protest. In the government quarter began to gather people, the police quickly surrounded the area.

Prior to this it was reported that the protests by the Cabinet went
from the aggressive actions by the police and the journalists of “Gromadsky
telebachennya”: they were attacked by the staff of special forces “THOR”.

We will remind, ex-the people’s Deputy Borislav Birch was indignant
the actions of the police and soldiers of the National guard in relation to
protesters businessmen who went under the Cabinet.