The professionals in uncharted warn that the space Agency is hiding the truth from the public Lands in order not to sow panic.

American scientists Steve Danon and Paul Begley, who have snow-white reputation as the prominent experts on the mysteries of the Cosmos, conspiracy theories and a prophetic interpretation of the prophecies, sounding the alarm, reports vistanews.

Scientists said that they contacted a source who introduced himself as an employee of NASA, and handed the flash drive. This person said that this media copied secret files containing information about the planet X. this information has been recently received by the Agency. Experts emphasize that one of them are unfriendly pictures of Nibiru, approaching Earth, made interplanetary telescope.

It is noted that Nibiru is hiding behind the Sun and see it is not easy. And only a system of complex filters can open the veil of secrecy and will allow to follow the dangerous object.

The second file contains data that NASA protects with special care. Steve Danon and Paul Begley waiting for the password transmission from its source, only with him they will be able to access important information. Expected that it contains all the facts about the planet, threatening the destruction of all life. It shows when Nibiru is attacking Earth, scientists suggest that this will happen in may 2019. Ufologists also believe people will feel the approach of Nibiru – the frequent natural disasters that it will inevitably cause.

Previously: St. Louis Park days night filmed 12 bright dots in the sky. Eyewitnesses said that the lights are lined up in
the form of geometric shapes and were similar to extraterrestrial objects.

It is also possible that an employee of the Agency, “merged” secret information – not who other, as an agent of us intelligence, who deliberately leaked critical data, performing a task of the authorities.

Meanwhile, life on earth could face an even larger problem than the approach of planet X: astronomers concerned about the asteroid Apophis.