The inhabitants of one province in Brazil discouraged strange incident and see it as sinister omens.

In South America suddenly came to fishing people found a giant snake that suddenly appeared from the water, reports “League. News”.

According to available information, the length of the anomalous creature is 15 meters. Frozen, terrified, terrified fishermen chose not to give the monster its presence and not to move waiting for a super snake out of sight.

Anaconda was spotted in the shallows of the river, Sucuriu, which takes place in Brazil. The locals each time I pray to not meet such reptiles. The snake was so long that blocked all the line of the river.

Scientists interested in eyewitness accounts, they check the information. After all, if the fishermen don’t exaggerate the size of the animal, then it quite possibly is the view, which had long considered extinct. The fact that South America was inhabited by the biggest snake in the world, dubbed titanoboa whose remains were found on the continent. Zoologists, having done a comparative analysis of the fossil skeleton, came to the conclusion that living here 61,7 million years ago, titanoboa could reach 15 meters in length and weigh more than a ton. For comparison, the largest snake, extant, reticulated Python, can reach 7 meters in length.

Recall, fell from the Western Wall, the snake has become a disturbing omen in Israel.