Tropical cyclone “IDI” that claimed the lives of 70 people in Malawi and Mozambique is coming back to the mainland

Météo-France La Réunion

In the Mozambique channel tropical cyclone “IDI” is coming to the East of Mozambique and, according to the forecasts of meteorologists, will reach the mainland in the afternoon of 14 March. Currently the wind speed is estimated at 155 km/h, gusts to 215 km/h, according to Stormnews with reference to the Météo-France La Réunion.

The landfall of this tropical cyclone will occur a second time. Being in the status of tropical depression, it caused catastrophic floods in Mozambique and Malawi. Now, in addition to strong winds again expected heavy rains in Mozambique, including in the affected areas.

In Mozambique the death toll from floods in March, according to UN resident coordinator in the country, is 15. The number of victims is estimated at 103 thousand. More than 17 thousand of residents posted at evacuation points. Flooded 84 thousand hectares of farmland.

The victims of the floods in the rainy season (October 2018) in Mozambique were 66 people, and another 111 were injured. 14 thousand homes were completely or partially destroyed, according to @Verdade with reference to national Institute for disaster management.

In Malawi, according to the government of the country on March 13, floods claimed the lives of 56 people, 3 more were missing. Injured 577 people. From the disaster suffered 923 thousand.

UPDATE ON #MalawiFloods2019 as of Tuesday, 12th March: 56 deaths & 577 injuries have been recorded. 3 people are missing. 184,589 households (approximately 922,945 people) have been affected & 16,545 households (approximately 82, 725 people) have been displaced @MwNewsAgency

— Malawi Government (@MalawiGovt) March 13, 2019.

UPDATE ON #MalawiFloods2019:
As of Monday, 11th March, 2019, 45 deaths & injuries 577 have been recorded with 2 missing. 147,958 households (approximately 739,790 people) have been affected and 15,185 households have been displaced camps established with 187. @MwNewsAgency

— Malawi Government (@MalawiGovt) March 12, 2019.

#MalawiFloods2019: Current situation in the East Bank as seen from a helicopter. Help for the nearly half a million displaced people still required @MwNewsAgency

— Malawi Government (@MalawiGovt) 11 March 2019

UPDATE ON #MalawiFloods2019:
As of Sunday, 10th March, 2019, a total of 30 deaths and 377 injuries have been recorded. A total of 93,730 households (approximately 468,650 people) have been affected and 6,341 households have been displaced @MwNewsAgency

— Malawi Government (@MalawiGovt) 11 March 2019

UPDATE ON #MALAWIFLOODS2019: As of Saturday, 9th March 2019, the death toll had risen to 28 with 124 injured. A total of 45, 312 households (approximately 226,560 people) have been affected. Assessment to establish extent of damage in 14 affected districts is underway @MwNewsAgency

— Malawi Government (@MalawiGovt) 10 Mar 2019

#MalawiFloods – from #between Nsanje today

— Malawi Elections 2019 (@Malawi2014) on 8 March 2019