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Arthur Mkhitaryan believes his business has become a victim of blackmail

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Ukrainian businessman, founder of the development company TARYAN Group Artur Mkhitaryan was accused of blackmail and extortion, the security Service of Ukraine and appealed to the President Petro Poroshenko. The corresponding video address he published in Facebook.

According to him, over the past two years was artificially created barriers to obtaining approval of the Ministry of culture and organized by the “corruption trough”. The Ministry of culture allegedly sabotaging the results approvals multiple dozens of construction and development companies.

The businessman stressed that such obstacles in doing business are not for everyone, and permissions are associated with former and current officials.

“What does the Ministry of culture? I’m building a house on the territory of the former plant. The plot refers to the lands of historical-cultural heritage. At the same time, the General Prosecutor’s office and SBU investigators opened a criminal case on the alleged lack of approval of the Ministry of culture,” – said Mkhitaryan.

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According to him, such criminal cases were brought on a variety of companies, including at TARYAN Group. According to Mkhitaryan, it is-abuse of authority and violation of jurisdiction. He also believes that the SBU has no right to investigate these cases because they “do not relate to the protection of national security.”

“Really, when Ukraine military situation, the security service have nothing to do but to blackmail private business and demand for apartment issues. What is broken in our system that instead of finding terrorists, criminals, spies and corrupt officials, the intelligence agencies engaged in blackmail progressive business. At the same time there are different people from the security service and for a lot of money with threats to close the construction I propose to resolve this issue. Price-one million dollars or apartment in our house,” said the businessman.

According to him, the SBU uses dirty PR technologies – different media”cisterns” and social networks to discredit the company TARYAN Group and scare away customers from buying apartments in new buildings of the company.

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“Today I am forced to turn to Peter Alekseevich Poroshenko, because I believe that my business became a victim of blackmail by the security Service of Ukraine. I am sure that can not be silent! If the security forces don’t stop scaring business and to make problems, drive entrepreneurs into the trap, our country has no future!” said Mkhitaryan.

The security service has not yet commented on the charges Mkhitaryan.

We will remind, Artur Mkhitaryan in 2011 while studying in the United States founded his own company TARYAN Group. The first project of the company was the TSARSKY complex. In December 2015 part TARYAN Group includes the company “poznyakizhilstroy”, which assumed the role of master developer.

In July 2016 the development company TARYAN Group passed the ROYAL TOWER – the first in Kiev, high-rise residential building with a full Park on the roof. In December 2017 TARYAN has completed the construction of a residential complex JACK HOUSE. In September 2017 TARYAN Group started selling in the flagship project TARYAN TOWERS – three towers, which are connected to a two-storey glass bridge.