The singer said that this song reflects her feelings.
Lorak said, what songs from her repertoire like her the most / screenshoterase this singer called the song “a Dream”, which is sung about the affair, the favorite in his repertoire today.

About this singer said in an interview with “Radio Deluxe”.

“This is a new song “Dream” which reflects my feelings today. It is very modern and outspoken. In the video I appear in the image of a girl who travels in different worlds. There are no heroes, no men and women, but there are some symbols that help us to tell this story. The caged bird, a flower blossoms in my hand, mirror to serve as a guide in the underworld … We’re trying to find hidden meaning in the signs, solve the riddle, holding the dream book in which many secrets and many answers to solve under force not to everyone,” – said Lorak.

A song from their own repertoire that is most enriched the singer Lorak called the song “Rozkazhy”, which also speaks of separation.

“I really like the song “Rozkazhy”. And the music, and the words I wrote myself. Consider it one of the most striking songs in my repertoire. Song is really very sincere, because it inspired her to create the real facts of my life”, – shared the singer.

Recall that in the song “Dream” has the words: “I saw a dream in which she kisses you.” Listeners caught her implication.

Fall around the singer and her husband Murat was a scandal. Turkish businessman, said in the company of a young brunette in one of the karaoke bars of Kiev, he hugged the girl, whispering something in her ear, stroking the inside of her thigh. Soon, the media reported that the singer filed for divorce.