Live In Malaysia the sky opened a restaurant in the sleigh of Santa ClausPhoto: Instagram Dinner in The Sky Malaysia

An establishment operates at an altitude of 45 m above the ground in Kuala Lumpur

11.12.18 49000

The restaurant “Santa in the sky” in Kuala Lumpur was opened by the Belgian company Dinner in The Sky. Guests pick up special, festively decorated platform 45 meters above the ground and there are treated to a gourmet dinner. Writes about this edition of the Hype.

At the table in the sky can accommodate 22 people, which is served by three chefs, waiters and entertainers.

Table length is 9 meters width — 5 meters, weight — 6 tons. All those present on the platform are tied with special belts, so the sky is absolutely safe.

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The platform rises to a height by using tower crane. Restaurant mobile: you can order to any city of the world.

Guests in Malaysia promises a good view of the city. To work “Santa in the sky” will be until early January.

We will remind, in China, opened a restaurant on the edge of a cliff. Unusual restaurant, located directly on the path wrapped around the rock. Along the track built tables, which can accommodate up to hundred people at a time.