Threat of movie: the films during filming, which killed people

22.08.2018 20:19

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It would seem that the threat can be in the profession of the actor? However, it is not uncommon are cases where directly on the set of die actors, crew members, and even just random people. And in the period of cinema of tragedy happens more often. It was after one of them and thought about the observance of safety rules during the shooting process. However, the randomness of the no one is safe today.

“People of heaven”, 1920

Until today there is no one copy of the film, during which, through negligence or forgetfulness of the technical workers were killed by two stuntman. Shooting night a steep dive the aircraft was very dangerous, and it required even the light of powerful floodlights, to keep the plane in the frame. Ormer Locklear and Milton Elliott, sitting on a plane, repeatedly warned the illuminators of the need to pay off some lighting to see when it will be out of the peak. However, the techniques just forgot to do it. The plane crashed, both pilots were killed. The crash scene was later included in the film.

“Noah’s Ark”, 1928

The film, in which the biblical story runs parallel to the narrative of the first world war, turned into a true tragedy. An attempt to simulate the water wave, which would have rolled, destroying everything and everyone in its path, was successful from the point of view of reliability. But to the actors themselves didn’t have to depict on the faces of panic and terror. At the time of filming the water really swept like a tsunami. Once killed three of the actors from the crowd, another lost a leg, ten people received broken bones, and scrapes and bruises, no one thought. Dolores Costello caught pneumonia, and a young John Wayne narrowly escaped death. After this incident, has imposed strict safety regulations on movie sets.

“The conqueror”, 1956

During the filming of the film all developed quite successfully. However, the choice of the area where the shooting took place, has been very successful. Nearby nuclear test site, and therefore all members and staff have been exposed to radiation. The scale of the tragedy became visible in 1980 when 91 persons of the 220 who participated in the filming, was discovered cancer. Forty-six members of the crew were already dead, including Director dick Powell and the three lead actors: John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Pedro Armendariz.

“The twilight zone”, 1983

An unexpected tragedy happened during the filming of a scene with a helicopter. At the time of application of pyrotechnic effects, the car lost control and fell to the platform, where the actor Vic morrow children, My-Ca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, seven and six years respectively. Actor and one of the children was decapitated by the rotating blades, and the second boy was crushed. After the tragedy imposed strict rules relating to the location of the children on the set.

“Delta force 2”, 1990

Another film, during the filming which caused the helicopter crash. On Board were, in addition to the pilot, four other members of the crew. At the time of the fall killed the actor and the operator. The result set was very poor: after the tragedy, the film itself wasn’t as originally intended by the filmmakers. The film was not a success and was heavily criticized.