15 celebrities who died under mysterious circumstances

22.08.2018 13:38

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Actress Helen Mayorov died in tragic circumstances on 23 August 1997. The official version was an accident, although some think about suicide. Who else from the Russian stars died in mysterious circumstances – see our photo essay.

Vasily Shukshin
1973-1974 become very fruitful for Shukshin. First, on the screens out his painting “the red snowball tree” received the first prize of the all-Union film festival. On the next, 1974 year, the owner accepted the invitation to Semyon in the new film by Sergey Bondarchuk “They battled for the Homeland”.

Filming began in August on the don. By early October, the owner has almost completed the role he had to play in the last episode. On 4 October he had to return to Moscow…

By the time Vasily Shukshin has long been tormented by bouts of stomach ulcers that plagued him since his youth when he suffered from addiction to alcohol.

1 Oct Shukshin felt good. He called to mail home to Moscow, went to the baths, deep into the night, along with all watched on TV hockey match USSR – Canada. After it dispersed.

At nine o’clock in the morning Burkov went out into the corridor with the intention to Wake Shukshin. From his memoirs: “I knocked on the door to Shukshin. The door was not locked. But I was not included. I was scared of something. She called to him. He is also at the shoot, it was time to get up. He did not respond. Well, I think we should let her sleep…”