The most influential women in world history

22.08.2018 20:23

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Female ruler influenced the course of world history, no less than men. They are intrigued, seized power, changed the world map. Thanks to the support of Isabella of Castile America was discovered.

1. Catherine II

Under Catherine II, Russia greatly expanded its territory, entrenched in the Black sea, the Crimea became Russian. After three Polish partitions, Russia is also “rooted” the Western lands. A German on the Russian throne, Catherine had close contacts with Europe and was in correspondence with the smartest people of his time.

2. Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the last independent ruler of Egypt until the Roman conquest by Julius Caesar and mark Antony. She still is one of the most popular images in art. All because of the image of the femme fatale, which she undoubtedly was. From Caesar Cleopatra gave birth to a son, Anthony, two sons and a daughter.

3. Victoria

The Queen Victoria of his contemporaries called the “grandmother of Europe” due to his connections with the Royal families of Europe. The reign of Victoria has changed dramatically and the British, and the whole world. The Victorian era is of inventions, a technological revolution, gentlemanly.

Despite the image of a quiet “family monarch”, in policy issues in Victoria was solid. So, it is believed that the colonialist policy of England lies solely with the good. In justification of the Anglo-Boer and Anglo-Afghan wars she said “Not in our custom to Annex the country if we are not obliged and forced to do it.”

4. Elizabeth I

To the English Queen Elizabeth wooed even Ivan the terrible, but before the wedding, it never came. No one came. The Queen went down in history under the name “the virgin Queen”. She often repeated that she is married “for England”. Her marriage would change the balance of power in Europe, and she knew about it, holding the balance. With his death, Elizabeth has benefited from England announcing the heir to the Scottish king James VI, it United two States. Scotland finally acquired a dependence on England.

5. Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is often called the woman “with a soft heart and an iron character.” During the war she joined the self-defense forces and became the Queen, the last military service. To date she is the longest reigning monarch in UK history.