The Internet is full of zombie sites: long abandoned all the forums, product pages that once were novelties, announcements of cultural events… this website otherwise: if no one will publish it within 24 hours, it’ll delete itself, leaving only a goodbye error message.

The website This Website Will Self-Destruct and provides visitors with a simple web form that allows you to send him any message. All records are stored anonymously in the database, and visitors can view them in any order. While in the site code has a timer that is constantly counting 86,400 seconds. At the moment it reaches zero, the database and the site itself – will be destroyed.

It is obvious that the vast majority of people write to the site about the pressing issues of the coronavirus, and how they are given-isolation, – for this topic there is a link of four words, saying: “It was a tough month.” Of course, this is not the only topic for discussion. Here you can find confessions about unrequited love, jokes about video games and thanks the website for its existence. The Creator of the site under the name FemmeAndroid reports that were posted on the website approximately 15 000 messages only over the weekend, with hits had accumulated more than 1 million.

While people sit in their apartments, not being able to see each other personally, it turns the website into a kind of time capsule until then, until mankind will begin to forget the coronavirus, like a bad dream. As stated in one post: “Please stay alive during the pandemic. After it can self-destruct, no one before you will cause.”
Source — The Verge