Firefighting is an extremely dangerous form of human activity associated with the enormous risk to life. Of particular danger are fires in large warehouses and chemical plants, followed by the release of large amounts of toxic smoke. To relieve firefighters from the risk of death will help robots.

The Estonian company Milrem Robotics and Dutch InnoVfoam joined forces to develop a new generation of fire robots. The system is based on ground-based drone Milrem Multiscope Rescue Robot, working in conjunction with elements of the InnoVfoam fire extinguishing systems, which include fire monitors and foam dispensers.

As reported in Milrem Robotics, managing the rescue works can be carried out remotely using a variety of cameras (including thermal and infrared), as well as gas and chemical sensors. These elements are separated from the cameras, so the robot can move without interrupting control the blaze.

Maximum load capacity Multiscope Rescue of 1,200 kg and traction 21000 N allow him to carry other equipment – foam and water tanks, heavy fire hoses, as well as drones to survey from the height. The robot is sturdy enough. It is possible to parachute from the air in pockets of forest fires and fire monitors InnoVfoams can give water and foam with a capacity of 20,000 l/sec.

Source — Milrem Robotics