Charger HyperJuice – the world’s first USB-charging at 100 W on the basis of gallium nitride is just the size of a credit card. It is 50% less than a modern charger of similar capacity. HyperJuice able to provide fast simultaneous charging multiple power hungry devices like a laptop or a flagship smartphone.

Thanks to the power of 100 W HyperJuice could use all 4 available ports: 2 USB output-C with support for Power Delivery 3.0 and 2 USB-A with support for Quick Charge 3.0. This power provides the ability to quickly charge a laptop (MacBook Pro), tablet (iPad Pro), phone (iPhone) and other mobile devices (AirPods, Watch) at the same time. HyperJuice supports universal voltage 100-240V and comes with a UK plug/EU/AU that can be used in almost any country.

The project of creation of the HyperJuice has attracted more than $1.3 million massive investment from more than 20,000 investors. The device is already available for purchase on IndieGoGo from $69 c 30% discount. Shipping is from February of this year.

Source — Indiegogo