The story of a certain Kati Drilling, which appeared in the social network, it is possible to use as manuals for the “draining” of his own life.

“The cry of the soul” supporter of the “Russian spring” published in his Twitter blogger Bulbulia, reports “Диалог.UA”.

It all began in Kharkov. A peaceful town that escaped in 2014, the “Russian spring”.

In that year, in the fall of one of the inhabitants of this city on the basis of “cotton brain” finally “gone crazy” and he decided to exchange life in a more or less normal country, with guaranteed civil rights and freedoms on the opportunity to become “cannon fodder”. I mean “volunteer” in the misunderstanding of the three letters “DNR”. And that is Katya Burova – the civil wife of the “hero” – instead of sending the would-be defender to hell, went with him to the occupied Donetsk. There outdoorsy field the couple lived happily ever after, but with the nazhivanie not very good at it.

But an addition to the family amassed. And shortly before the birth of a child, the woman lost the Ukrainian passport. Such trouble has happened with many. But if you came from Kharkiv to Donetsk, and are the mistress of “cannon fodder”, the loss of a passport tantamount to suicide.

Poor Katia now killed in hysterics: her third year of “football”: she can’t even get a “passport”, “DNR”. And, therefore, cannot legitimize the birth of a child. The basis for denial: haven’t lived in the “country” at the time of the holding of the “referendum” in may 2014.

At the time of writing the post Kate’s husband Rig was alive. And if suddenly with it something happens, the woman will once again call “hell”. Way home the separatist ordered, any documents it does not. New “documents” it is also not too willing, it turns out that brown can’t even get a pension from the “DNR” by survivor.

“For the third year without documents. Despite the fact that my husband was awarded the George cross and was in many hot spots,” complains a separatist.

“All right! Brainless dog – a dog’s life”, “outdoorsy field wives” “What is a “husband”? Husband or eat, or not eat”, “catus on Salus…” “Looks like soon will be a widow..” “sho Well I say Yak mute Rozum – Yogo vzhe th bude”, “catus on Salus..” “Big cotton mountain” – answer in the comments to the post.

Recall that the mercenaries in the Donbas complain that Russia threw them, the warriors sit without money, food and clothing.

Also, the Network frame with the fan of Putin in Kharkiv caused a scandal.