Intern at Google have launched an advertising campaign for $ 10 million

KIEV. 6 Dec. UNN. Google mistakenly launched the network with a campaign that could cost U.S. corporations $ 10 million. It is reported by TASS, reports UNN.

“Intern at Google during a demonstration of how the electronic system for placing advertising on the network by mistake pressed the wrong button. In the end, the test advertisement representing a blank yellow rectangle appeared on numerous websites the United States and Australia, and was active there for about 45 minutes,” reports media.

As explained in the publication, the situation was compounded by the fact that the employee campaign launched advertising on the open exchange, where you can buy and sell advertising space through an auction in real time, at a price about 10 times higher than average.

Moreover, the order placed by the trainee, provided for the payment of 25 cents for every thousand views of ads despite the fact that the rental cost of all advertising space is much lower and ranges from 2 to 4 dollars.
Error, according to the resource, was able to notice after only three quarters of an hour. During this time, the ads by Google have published numerous sites and mobile apps. The company has promised to compensate those who put it to the test logo.

“Training exercise on advertising resulted in an error, which resulted in the real cost of the poster advertising sites within 45 minutes. As soon as this unintentional mistake became known, we quickly worked to stop the advertising campaign”, – quotes the edition Google. What will it cost corporations with a turnover of about 60 billion dollars a year, not reported. According to sources, it potentially could be $ 10 million. The fate of the Intern and his handler are not reported.

We will remind, chief Executive officer of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai announced changes in company policy due to the dissatisfaction of employees with the position of the management of cases of sexual harassment.