Canadian equipment manufacturer VSSL introduced a compact container, a first aid kit with a length of 18 cm, which placed more than 40 objects for survival in the wild, including a treatment for several types of injuries.

VSSL First Aid Mini is a cylindrical container, which records the content using a screw with both ends caps. Inside can be Packed round of mini-banks, in which there are various means of first aid.

One Bank can contain antiseptic wipes, bandages and plaster for closing wounds, the other with tweezers, pins, the blade, medical gloves and an emergency whistle, and in cans will fit plasters from blisters, pain relievers, burn cream and disposable thermometers.

Waterproof container first aid kit Mini First Aid VSSL is made from high-strength aluminium. It weighs 280 grams, length – 17,1 cm width – 5 cm the Price is 70 USD.

Source VSSL