The US state Department intends to allocate funds for training “young leaders” of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The initiative aims to promote “the concepts of citizen participation”. This is stated in the document, seen by the RT.

  • AFP

The tender involves holding of workshops in the framework of the programme “Bosnia and Herzegovina: young leaders.” It is aimed at the transfer of the Bosniak-American experience of citizen participation in the decision-making process to those having relevant knowledge “could create in their communities opportunities for economic development.”

“Participants of this program should familiarize with the concept of civic participation in the United States as a means of improving communities, state institutions and services, and provide skills that they can use for projects when they themselves will act as leaders of civil society”, — stated in the text.

After completing the course of training the trainees “along with the understanding of civic engagement” should be able to apply this knowledge “in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, States the document.

Under the initiative, as expected, can also discuss issues of political leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, protection of rights and freedoms.

The grant amount for the program shall not exceed $60 thousand to Apply for participation in the competition are NGOs and NGOs, established in BiH.

Earlier it was reported about the intention of the United States Agency for international development (USAID) to Finance the programme in the area of human rights protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To implement this initiative, USAID planned to allocate up to $9.2 million.