The US warned of the devastating second wave of coronavirus

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Director of the Centre for control and prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield

The second wave of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States could be more terrible than the first. This was stated by the Director of the Centre for control and prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield in an interview with The Washington Post.

“There is a possibility that the virus attack on our country next winter will be even more complex than the one we just passed,” he said. Redfield believes that a new wave of coronavirus may coincide with the seasonal flu epidemic, RBC.

The chronological coincidence of two outbreaks of respiratory disease can lead to an “unimaginable burden” on the health care system, says Redfield. The Federal government and the American States, according to the head of the CDC must use the coming months to prepare for a possible future dual epidemics.

In particular, in the summer, health officials should inform the citizens of the United States the importance of flu shots. This will help to minimize the number of severe flu patients and free up hospital beds for infected with the coronavirus.

In addition, despite the gradual lifting of quarantine measures in the country, the authorities need to continue to stress the need for social distancing. Physicians should improve the detection of contact of patients it will prevent the emergence of pockets of disease.

Earlier in April, the head of the group of experts on the treatment of pneumonia in Shanghai Zhang Wanchun expressed confidence that in November will come the second wave of the epidemic COVID-19. The opinion he explained that the coronavirus is predisposed to low temperatures in the winter and will spread faster.

Academician Sergey analysis also did not rule out a second wave of coronavirus. According to him, it is possible in the absence of a preventive vaccine against the disease. The immunologist believes that the re-flash COVID-19 will be less ambitious.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Russian research center of epidemiology and Microbiology academician Alexander Gintsburg said about premature predictions about the timing of completion of the pandemic coronavirus. “To give an accurate forecast of when it will end the pandemic, we’re not in the state,” said Ginzburg in an interview with “Interfax”.

He noted that for such a forecast “, you must have concrete facts and figures showing the development of the epidemiological process.” “But you need to have a serious GIS model that shows the epidemic is not on the globe and in a specific region, each of which has its own characteristics,” explained the scientist.

The academician said that in theory “such, even multi-level models can be created, but it needs to work with the national Bank of serum, which we have, unfortunately, no.”
Responding to a question, he said that the Bank is in the United States, “but he is so closed as it is practically on the territory of the CIA, to understand what is being done and what data there is impossible.”

The scientist explained that the national Bank of the serum helps to determine the immunity of people to protect them from infections. “This so-called population immunity plus data on population density in regions, development of transport streams and allows you to create mathematical tools with which scientists can predict the development of diseases,” – said the academician.