In Minnesota, the storm brought down the house ice tsunami

KARE 11 / YouTube

April 20, residents of the city of Isle of the U.S. state of Minnesota witnessed ice tsunami on lake Mil LACs. Wind gusts of up to 65 km/h drove the melted ice to the shore, resulting began to form ice wall, which is moved in the direction of houses. At some point, its height reached 6 meters, and it crashed into the building. The structure survived, but was severely damaged.

The owner of the affected houses mark Ethan told the radio station KNSI that started to get disturbing reports from neighbours 15:45. They sent photos and said that is not all that bad. Then a neighbor called and said that the ice broke the glass and continues to move forward. Then he got in the car and two hours later were in place. But to do something in this situation was impossible. In the result, the ice mass has knocked down one wall of the structure, and inside was the damaged furniture.

The FOX 9 notes that this phenomenon is not considered unusual in these places, and it happens every year. Ice drifts and is displaced to the shore. Earlier in the week he threatened several homes.

According to local resident Stephen Johnson, who filmed the incident on video, so massive ice tsunami he had not previously seen: the height of the ice on the banks exceeded 9 meters, according to CNN.

“If you lived here, you know what always can happen at this time of year. If this happens, you just hope the wind blows in the opposite direction from your house,” said Executive Director of the tourism Council of the district of Mil-Lux Tina Chapman and added that, fortunately, this season the ice is soft and does less damage than if he were in large pieces.

The phenomenon of face and on other lakes. Last February the world people have seen photos and videos of lake Erie. Then a strong wind blew to the shore ice from the lake and the Niagara river. In many places the coast in Canada and in the U.S. state of new York (for example, the cities of Buffalo and Hamburg) there were ice walls up to a height of 10 meters.