The unsmiling celebrity

08.08.2018 20:42

A rating of 9.8

Hollywood smile rarely touches the faces of these celebrities. They look serious, somber, sad, bored even at the most luxurious parties. Guys, what’s wrong with you?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Designers, 32

The last time we saw smiles Olsen year in 1995, the film “Two: me and my shadow”. And then a shadow covered faces of the girls… the Twins are hard to distinguish, but I think Ashley Olsen smiling a little sister. Or are they the same sad?

Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor, 43
Can count on one hand how many times we saw a smiling Leo. Usually at parties or awards actor looks like he’s bored. Perhaps Hollywood can really be boring, if you’re off for 14 years.

Victoria Beckham

Designer, 44

Can’t remember the last time I saw Vicki smiling? You are not alone. Once the British even called Beckham “the most gloomy celebrity”. However, for Victoria this “title” was not unexpected. But this does not mean that the star mom of four children any problems, it’s just Victoria. “If I appear in front of photographers with a sour, crooked smile on her face, then it is not me,” says Beckham.

Sean Penn

The actor, 57 years

Mr. Penn is a serious actor, and this is his normal, “working” face.

Johnny Depp

The actor, 55 years

The last few years have been difficult for johnny D., so no wonder he looks grim. However, before this Depp rarely pleased us with a smile.