10 most expensive paintings by Andy Warhol

08.08.2018 20:46

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Andy Warhol — a mirror of the 70s era, the genius of pop art and commercial art. His paintings at the time created a furor not only in cultural sphere but in the public consciousness. This artist has never been shy about monetizing their art. And he’s got a lot to learn.

1. “Accident silver machine” (1963) — 105.4 million dollars

The most famous work of Warhol from his large-scale series “Death and disaster”. In November 2013 it was auctioned for a staggering sum of $ 105 million or more. This deal made the picture the second value among all the contemporary works of art. Leadership holds the painting by Picasso “the women of Algiers” (179 million).

2. “Eight Elvises” (1963) — $ 100 million

While in new York didn’t sell “Accident silver machine”, the most expensive Warhol painting was an intricate portrait of the king of rock-n-roll. It was purchased from a private gallery in October 2008 exactly one hundred million.

3. “Triple Elvis (Ferus type)” (“Tripple Elvis (Ferus Tipe)”(1963) — 81.9 million dollars

Sold in November 2014. This work is one of the two sold by Thomas Ammann the German casino in the 70s – became the top lot of the auction Christie’s.

4. “Turquoise Marilyn” (1964) — $ 80 million

Norma Jean Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe during his lifetime has become an icon and a dream of all men. So her image is performed by the genius of pop art was destined to be a hit. The exact amount that an American collector paid for one of 13 portraits of Monroe painted by Warhol, is unknown. It is believed that he counted about 80 million.

5. “Accident green machine” (“Burning green machine — 1”) (1963) — 71,7 million dollars

A combined picture based on photos of a car accident in Seattle while inferior to the value of their silver “colleague”. Greek Philip Niarchos bought it at a Christie’s auction in 2007 for 71 million. Well, nothing, in ten years will pay 171.