Burned in orbit: myths and facts about women-cosmonauts of the USSR and Russia

08.08.2018 15:59

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August 8, 1948, she was born Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to enter the open space. Now flights into space have become commonplace, which no one was surprised. But at the dawn of space exploration, these projects attracted the attention of millions, and people who had been in space became heroes. All launches and space development were conducted in the strictest secrecy, so there were a lot of rumors and speculation. Even more than usual, discussions, gossip and legends was the theme of female astronauts. One of the most shocking legends – the terrible death of cosmonaut Ludmilla, the signals which the intercepted European hams.

May 17, 1961 the Italians-hams said that recorded the talks of a woman cosmonaut with the mission control Center.

“Five… four… three… two… one… Listen!.. Listen!.. Again-again-again! Say!.. Say!.. I’m hot!.. I’m hot!.. What?.. Fifty five?.. What?.. Fifty five?.. Fifty?.. Yes… Yes… Yes… Breath… Breath… Oxygen… I am hot… isn’t It dangerous?.. All… It is not dangerous?.. All… Say!.. How am I supposed to pass?.. Yes… Yes… Yes…” sounded on the tape.

“…What?.. The show will be now… I’m hot… I’m hot… I’m hot… I can see the flames!.. What?.. I can see the flames!.. I can see the flames!.. I’m hot… I’m hot… Thirty-two… Thirty-two… Forty-one… Forty-one… we’ve had an accident… Yes… Yes… I’m hot!..”

While the Italians have declared to journalists that absolutely sure that the transfer was from earth orbit, where, in their opinion, the Soviet space ship lost a heat shield and was slowly burned in the atmosphere.

Media across Europe began to trumpet about how the Soviet woman was burned alive in a cramped space capsule. As evidence cited the fact that around the same time, unknown signals caught by the British radio telescope Jodrell Bank.