The United States will suspend for two months the issuance of green cards

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The President of the United States Donald trump announced the temporary suspension of immigration to the United States. The order will affect those applying for permanent residence, not temporary workers

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The President of the United States Donald trump announced the temporary suspension of immigration to the United States. The order will affect those applying for permanent residence, not temporary workers, reports the AP.

Issuing green cards will be suspended for 60 days, to reduce the competition for jobs in the economic crisis, caused by a coronavirus. An appropriate order will be issued before the end of the day, and will include “certain exceptions”, but trump did not specify which ones, noting that the issue still to be fixed.

“Suspending immigration, we will help unemployed Americans stand first in the queue to the moment when America will open again,” he said. According to him, would be “wrong and unfair”, if US citizens have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, will be replaced by immigrants.

The source AP in the presidential administration, familiar with the plans said the order would also be extended to relatives of holders of green cards who are not citizens of the country. Americans wishing to move to the country relatives, will not fall under its action. In 2019, the States issued about a million green cards, about half of them – spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens.

The order also will not apply to foreigners who receive nonimmigrant visas to work, including farmers, health workers and programmers. The migration policy Institute estimated that two-month pause will affect about 110 thousand people. After two months, the authorities will assess the economic situation in the country and will take the appropriate decision regarding immigration.

In addition, during the briefing, the President of the United States reported that 20 States are already preparing to restart the economy, which was suspended due to a virus. Trump said that this may happen “in the very near future.” According to him, the population of these States is 40% of the population of the whole country.

Earlier, the us leader said that the Federal government gave state governors the recommendations for gradual lifting of sanitary restrictions. The plan includes three phases. Some States will be able to open earlier than others. During the process of lifting sanitary restrictions authorities urged citizens to continue to adhere to precautions to comply with the norms of social distance and to stay at home if you feel unwell.

Trump has advocated restricting legal and illegal immigration, and expressed concern about foreigners competing with American citizens for jobs. AP notes that, according to trump, it is the migration issue that ensured his victory in the elections in 2016 and rallies around him a loyal base of supporters before the next election. However, trump denies that the virus uses to fulfil long-standing promises given in the election campaign. AP also noticed that the processing of applications for us visa had actually been stopped at the end of March due to the cancellation of the message with other States.

Last fall, trump signed a decree which restricts entry into the country for immigrants without health insurance or funds to cover medical expenses. Foreigners are given 30 days after entry into the United States for the provision of health insurance or proof of solvency. Rule apply to aliens applying for immigration to the United States from abroad, but not to those who are already in the country.

January 24, came into force a ban on “maternity tourism”: the issuance of tourist visas to the US foreign women who come to the country for automatic citizenship for their unborn child. In theory, the ban does not apply to pregnant women, if they’re going to the States with another purpose – for example, to visit sick relatives or to business meetings. To take a pregnancy test researches have visas do not have to.