Madeline McCann


Van VW Typ VW T3 Westfalia, which periodically slept alleged kidnapper of Maddy McCann


Jaguar XJR 6, which probably belonged to the perpetrator


House in Portugal, which is related to the suspect


The Prosecutor of Braunschweig in the Federal state of lower Saxony Hans Christian Wolters announced the progress in the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of young British women in the Portuguese resort, which has already lasted 13 years. In the case there is a suspect – 43-year-old German citizen, who is serving a prison term, reports the BBC. It was he, according to investigators, was kidnapped and murdered three year old Madeline McCann, which the parents put them to bed in the hotel room and briefly left unattended.

Previously, no one official ever expressed so definitely about the fate of the missing, said a spokesman for the McCann family. The girl’s body was never found. And the British police continues to find Madeleine missing.

In the German police stated that they continue to establish the chronology of events on the day of the disappearance of the girls, reports “Interfax”. Investigators do not rule out that the kidnapper was guided by sexual motives. It is also possible that he had not planned the kidnapping in advance, and snuck into a hotel room to steal, then saw the sleeping children and spontaneously took Madeleine with them.

The suspect is a pedophile and was convicted several times for crimes committed against girls. According to police, he from 1995 to 2007, regularly visited the Portuguese Algarve, where the rest of makkeny. There he worked as a waiter, and also traded in thefts of things from hotels and drug trafficking.

Police have released photos of the cars that were used in Portugal, the suspect trailer Volkswagen and Jaguar. The investigation revealed that motorhome on the day of the loss of the girl was near apartment-hotel Ocean Club in Praia de Luz, where the rest of makkeny. Jaguar has changed hands the next day after the disappearance of the girls.

The Case Of Madeleine McCann

Three year old Madeline McCann went missing in the resort of Praia de Luz in Portugal on 3 may 2007 while her parents Kate and Gerry – put the girl to sleep in the room with a two year old brother and sister Sean and Emily, and went to dinner in the company of his friends. Finding the disappearance of his daughter, the couple McCann at first tried to find it on my own, but, not having achieved result, have addressed for the help to the local police.

As a result, several suspicious people were arrested, however against them policemen and could not put forward reasonable charges.

British and local media have repeatedly stated reproaches to the Portuguese inspectors. Special indignation of journalists has caused what in a hotel room, where the family lived, a McCann, before the completion of the investigation in July, was allowed to make cosmetic repairs. As later acknowledged by the CSIS, from the very beginning of the investigation made a series of blunders, causing critical clues may have been lost forever.

7 Sep 2007 maccani themselves were declared suspects in the manslaughter of her daughter and hiding her body. However, for more than two months the police failed to collect the required amount of evidence to send the case to court. However, all this time, the investigation put pressure on parents trying to get them to confess.

In early October 2007, lost his post of the head of the investigative group, Goncalo Amaral, who, along with other Portuguese police officers were accused of exceeding official powers, falsifications and even tortures. Instead, he was appointed one of the best detectives of the country, Paolo Rebelo, who became more actively work version the girl was abducted.

In parallel with the official investigation’s own investigation began and maccini, employing for this purpose the private detective Agency Metodo 3 in Spain. The detectives were inclined to believe that Madeleine is alive, but no obvious sign of the girl for four with superfluous month of work private detectives have not found.
Even the involvement in the investigation of specialists from the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, which drew the silhouette first, and then the sketch of a possible pedophile-kidnapper, not allowed to get on the trail of criminals.

The FBI also modeled the appearance of Madeleine after the alleged months-long stay in hostages at a gang of pedophiles.
July 21, 2008, the General Prosecutor’s office of Portugal officially recognized that the investigation has no prospects. With spouses McCann was withdrawn the status of a suspect, and the case investigators were closed and transferred to the archive. All materials were declassified, as the law requires.

In 2011, the Metropolitan police investigation was resumed. He spent more than 11 million pounds.

Private investigators continued the painstaking work all versions, including those which were rejected by the official investigation. Among other things, the declassified material contains unverified information about the fact that Madeleine was allegedly abducted by order of the Belgian paedophile gang.

Despite the willingness of Mackinaw to spend millions of dollars on search daughter, in August 2009, they still terminated the contract with the American detective Bureau. As it turned out, the prestigious detective Agency, which had worked for the former security officers (in particular, the FBI and the CIA), just squandered allocated to the search for Madeleine means.

Sluggish during the official investigation has led to the fact that makkeny tried to enlist the support of the international public, having visited Spain, France, Morocco and the United States. Sympathy for the parents of the girl in private audience expressed the Pope.

The result of these appeals to the society has become a stream of messages about the alleged vision in different countries of the Madeleine. In particular, Belgian and Bosnian police even conducted a special investigation, having found out, that for Madeleine have accepted its counterparts.

And in Morocco a photo was taken of the alleged Madeline McCann, however, turned out to be that it was the daughter of a local farmer.
In Croatia, tourists, oboznavshis, almost kidnapped the son of a local model, in an effort to return Makanum their daughter.

Madeline also “seen” in France, and in 2009 a version, if it was hidden on the yacht of Australian millionaires.