Trump intends to apply the “Law of rebellion” to suppress unrest

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The Secretary of defense mark Esper is opposed to the use of the army

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The President of the United States Donald trump to quell the unrest that erupted in US cities after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd if detained by police, intends to apply the “Act of rebellion”, giving him the right to use the army.

“The President has the exclusive right to use the Law of rebellion in case of need will use it,” – said the press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makanani.

In the United States army are forbidden to use inside the country. However, the Federal law of 1807 allows the President of the United States in special circumstances the use of armed forces and transferred to Federal control of the National guard domestically to quell civil unrest, uprisings and rebellions. This law has been repeatedly used to suppress large-scale riots in modern American history, including in 1967 in Detroit, in 1968 in Chicago and Baltimore, and in 1992 during riots in Los Angeles.

Trump in recent days has repeatedly stated that it will mobilise all resources to stop the riots and threatened to enter the army in those States where authorities refuse to use the National guard. The national guard units usually are subordinate to States, not the Federal authorities (with the exception of the district of Columbia). And Trump has to put pressure on the governors in order to stop vandalism and looting in the territories they used units of the guards under their command. He called “weak” governors, reluctant to engage the guard, reminiscent of the “Voice of America”. If the Governor does not use the National guard, trump intends to quell the unrest with an army, for which he is required to use the “Act of rebellion”.

However, the Minister of defense mark Esper is opposed to the use of this against the protesters, believing that “the option of using the army to maintain law and order should be used only as a last resort and only in the most emergency or dire situations.” “Now such a situation there”, – said the head of the Pentagon.

Such statements of the Minister of defence has angered trump and the highest officials in the White house, and questioned the continued stay of Mark Esper in his post. Answering a question on possible resignation of the head of the Pentagon, press Secretary of the tramp Kaylee Makanani said, “At the moment the Minister Esper still the Minister Esper”. So dry review only strengthened the suspicion that in the near future, the President asked the defense Minister to leave his post.

The US is already 10 thousand detainees

The number of detainees since the beginning of protests in the United States, caused by the death of an African-American to George Floyd at the hands of police, has exceeded 10 thousand people, reports AP.

The largest number of detainees – a quarter of the total – accounts for Los Angeles. It is followed by new York, Dallas and Philadelphia. The majority of arrests related to minor infringements such as, for example, a violation of the curfew. Hundreds of people arrested on charges of theft and looting.

In the case of the death of Floyd has already charged four police.

The prosecution of Derek Savino, smothering George Floyd, changed to a more serious manslaughter in the second degree and murder in the third degree. He faces a sentence up to 40 years in prison.

The Prosecutor’s office of Minnesota brought charges against three other police officers involved in the death of an African-American. Thomas Lane, John. Alexander Kuangou the Tao charged with aiding and abetting murder.

Thus, the allegations in respect of all four police officers involved in the arrest of Floyd, in which he was killed. Lawyers for the family of the deceased called it a “bitter moment of joy” for families of the 46-year-old African American. “This is an important step towards justice, and we are pleased that this measure is taken before the body of George Floyd was committed to the earth,” reads the statement.

George Floyd died on may 25 in Minneapolis after police Showin about nine minutes choked him with his knee during the arrest. This tragedy caused a wave of protests across the United States. In many cities, demonstrations turned into riots and clashes with police.