Audience members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences / vaticannews.vaПапа Roman reminded that science aims to answer contemporary challenges.

As reported by Vatican Radio, he spoke about it at a private audience of the academic community of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in full composition in plenary session.

The Pope noted that in the past the scientific world “occupied a position of independence and self-sufficiency, showing a distrust of the spiritual and religious values, but today he certainly came to the realization increasingly complex reality of the world and man”.

However, stated the Pope, there is reason for concern in the face of evolutionary science, which “turns its back to the good of individuals and peoples”. In this context, the need for “open dialogue and careful reasoning”, and the scientific community must not forget that it is part of society and “do not consider themselves separated and independent”: on the contrary, it must serve the human family and its holistic development. The fruits of the mission, carried out by science, could be the answer to challenges such as climate change and nuclear threat.

“The Church – continued the Pope – is not waiting for science that she will only follow ethical principles, an invaluable heritage of the human race. She looks forward to a positive service, which together with Saint Paul the VI, we can call the charity of knowledge.”