Traffic jams are observed in all districts of the capital.
Kiev forged a 10-point tube / screenshot

Kiev was not ready for the snow, despite the warnings of weather forecasters. Because of the snow on the roads of the capital have been many accidents, because of what formed a 10-point tube.

As reported just in Kiev there was about fifty accidents.

Traffic jams paralyzed the entire city. In some places the cars are moving at a speed less than 5 km/h.

According to Google Maps, the most difficult movement in the city center, along the Waterfront road, Povitroflotskyi Avenue, the streets of Vladivostok, Artema St., on Victory Avenue, the Ring road, in Sofiivska borshchagivka. Paralyzed and bridges of the capital towards the centre, in particular on the southern bridge, the bridge Paton and metro.

Snowfall in the capital, began at about 09:30 and, to date, precipitation is enhanced.

“Kievatodora” reported that on the roads of the city have already left the snow-removing equipment.

All road users are asked to be careful and cautious while driving around town in snow conditions.