On posts of fighters of “DNR” have imposed restrictions on pass controlled
Ukraine – a day can’t go more than 40 people.

local residents traveling have warned that to return to ORDO you
only after completion of quarantine coronavirus: “self-Isolation in Ukraine 14
days, and in the “DPR” checkpoint sign the paper that will not return until the end
quarantine if you are willing to be at sea for 3-6 months, then drive. The problem
that “DNR” remove fingerprints and make photos. It takes a very long
time”,”People who are left, unsubscribed, typed document,
they will return to the DPR only after the complete cessation of quarantine. Read

The hours people are forced to be in the sun, many do not stand up and
sit on the roadside along the road. One lady writes that her mother
became ill at the checkpoint. The woman was given first aid and sent home in
Gorlovka. At this time she was waiting for her on the Ukrainian side with an activated program
“DJ in the home”.

Another man wrote that he agreed with the neighbors
so they brought his sick mother to the post of “DNR”. He was ready to meet her
on CVN with the Ukrainian side: “the ambulance waited, in case mother will be worse.
The neighbors even showed them documents that the mother is sick, their not f**t at all,
I turned around and told to disperse. The ambulance on me as on the fool looked”.

Many warned that today to get in under control Ukraine
the territory will not succeed. People are willing to risk it and go for the assault checkpoints of the invaders, wrote in social networks.

“A friend in from the queue. People stormed on foot, since no release
even with the condition that walk, DNR blocked the road with cars and machines, and
auto turn blocked the buses” – specify users.

Others declare about the readiness to spend the night on the road waiting for the crossing

Those lucky people who managed to cross the checkpoint militants will
go 5-7 miles gray area on foot, as the DNR has not allocated a bus.

“With Ukr. zero buses carry, despite the fact that the cabin is not
more than 4 people” – write to the Network.

Earlier it was reported that on 10 June the decision of the commander of OOS was opened KPVV
“Stanitsa Lugansk” in Lugansk region and “Marinka” in the Donetsk region.

In ORDO refused to resume work at the checkpoints. So, in Donetsk, said that will open the “border” on June 22 at the fulfillment of certain conditions.

After this prohibition in Donetsk staged a rally demanding to call
a specific launch date roadblocks. Citizens blamed “the authorities” inaction and

Anastasia Yugov