Today, may 8, NSDC Secretary Alex Danilov together with
Zelensky President laid flowers in the Cretaceous the Luhansk region. He said,
they visited the monument “Ukraine – to liberators” and paid tribute to
respect placing flowers at the Eternal flame. It is reported Диалог.UA
with reference to his post in Facebook.

He recalled that in the area killed more than a thousand soldiers,
which liberated the Ukrainian land. Also there is a mass grave with
more than a dozen memorial slabs.

Danilov believes that the memory of the Second world war, the actual
in the Donbass now in its seventh year, as hundreds of thousands of people have already suffered from
fighting. Many died and were injured.

The NSDC Secretary said that the lessons of history were not learned and they need
to remind. Danilov said that he had already expelled the invaders and now too

We will remind that in Day of memory and reconciliation, the President Zelensky
arrived at the border of Ukraine with Russia. There he paid tribute to those killed in the Second
world war, laid flowers and wrote a message.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, may 8, according to the resolution
The Verkhovna Rada, celebrating the Day of memory and reconciliation. 2015 country honors
the memory of the Second world war along with the rest of Europe.

Before that, the NSDC Secretary Alex Danilov admitted that
the territory temporarily occupied Lugansk he has a mother who is 88 years old.
It is noted that he hasn’t seen her since 2014.