Two-time world champion in karate Victoria Sokolova moved from emergency hostel to a private apartment. About Sokolov dreamed of for many years. Kharkov thanked the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Granovsky.

Stora of karate Victoria Sokolova for the first time told the media at the end of 2016. Then Kharkov held an excursion for journalists around the Dorm in which she lived with her grandmother for over 20 years. The house was built in 1936, is in poor condition and requires constant repair.

In the comment to the edition “the times Kharkiv” Victoria Sokolova said that save for their own housing was not her strong point, because almost all fees are used to help his large family.

The assistance of sports associations karate didn’t count – they barely make ends meet. To move from “a dead point” helped the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Granovsky, whom Victoria met in the middle of October. At the meeting, the girl told about the problem. “He listened to me and answered that will help. And two months later I moved into my own apartment…”, the girl says.

Sam Granovsky declined to comment.

Victoria Sokolova holds a black belt in karate, medalist of Ukraine, Europe, the two-time world champion.