Trooper apologized for the use of symbols.

Ukrainian paratrooper, who was photographed next to the President Petro Poroshenko with Chevron SS Panzer division “Totenkopf” on the form, he explained.

Read takenaway the name of the troops and berets “colors of blood”: the first time celebrate Day of the commando 21 November (photos)

He stated that he thought the symbol of a skull and crossbones pirate flag. This he said in a video published on the page of assault troops in Facebook.

In his words, he “didn’t know about the history of the Chevron, it schitaja one kind of pirate flag.” The paratrooper said that he was prepared to take responsibility for his mistake.

As reported the press center of the headquarters of the operation joint forces, over the past day the militants of the 22 times opened fire on positions of Ukrainian Armed forces, killed two Ukrainian paratrooper.