Photo the Mexican drone crashed into the plane when it came in to landPhoto: twitter fernando fernandez

The ship was seriously damaged bow

14.12.18 239000

Passenger “Boeing 737” crashed drone. The incident happened when the crew was preparing for landing. The liner was made a domestic flight from Guadalajara to Tijuana. About it writes Bloomberg.

The pilots said that he had heard a loud noise and the plane that was hit. The landing was without any problems. When the repair crew checked the ship, found damage on the skin.

Photo: twitter fernando fernandez

Aviation authorities in Mexico began investigating the incident. A preliminary version of the investigation — collision with a drone.

The law prohibits drones to fly on routes aircraft. Drones usually are not visible on the radar.

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The owners do not know the rules of usage, or neglect them. A collision with a drone could be fraught for the aircraft. If the collision is serious, the liner may even fall.

Recall that in Bolivia, at the airport in El Alto, during the emergency landing of a passenger plane Boeing 737 of airlines Peruvian Airlines broke and fell off of the chassis. Onboard the liner there were 127 people.