Extraordinary hotel bekhemov sell at auction

22.08.2018 20:48

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In a picturesque mountain area of the U.S. state of Arkansas is a luxury home, equipped in a karst cave. This house will soon go under the hammer. And the owners are asking for it no less 3 million “green”. What is it about this cave house for him that someone will be willing to pay a fortune, will be discussed further in our report.

The cave house is situated on the picturesque slopes.

The first owner of the caves tried to turn it into a bomb shelter.

The history of creating cave houses began quite extraordinary. The owner of the company, Celestial Seasoning Tea Dogon Haye after watching the movie “next day” (The Day After), released in 1983, so imbued with the idea of self-preservation in the event of nuclear war, purchased the cave and began equipping her bomb shelter. For several years he tried to isolate her from the outside world, reinforcing and closing all the exits to the outside and equipped in the cave room and feed store.

Night club, organized in such a unexpected place, was a great success.

But the project he never finished, and soon sold it to a wealthy businessman Richardson. Thanks to him the world first learned about this unusual cave. Seeing all the splendor of the cave, the enterprising owner turned it into a night club, the opening of which was attended by Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elizabeth Taylor, and another 250 people.

The main feature of this mansion in a cave – in harmony with nature.

But over time, the club passed into the possession of the famous football player David Beckham. It took four years of painstaking work to create an extraordinary hotel called Beckham Creek Cave Lodge.

This place was very popular with hikers, cavers or tourists who prefer active and creative leisure.

The richly decorated interior of the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge for a luxurious stay.

Many famous and rich people come here to recharge natural energy and get unforgettable impressions.