New information comes to light about the defeat of the Russian
mercenaries Sanzharovki, near debaltseve, where
a mortar attack killed 7 militants. In social networks, supporters of the “L/DNR”
report that information about the death of the militants is true.

A well-known blogger Donbass Necro Mancer has published several reports in which Russian militants confirm heavy losses
one of the army corps of fighters.

So, in one of public militants held by such
the dialogue between the Russian mercenaries:

– Not previously heard the name of the position of the dome.

One of the positions of the seven. Bind will not, but she
unknown to outsiders, so it was obviously someone on the inside. Then I suppose
information on casualties is also true, – commented one of the

He Ukrainian blogger Necro Mancer notes
the militants reluctantly forced to admit heavy losses, although well-known full
setting data of the dead Russian fighters.

“I just ridav with this “I’m afraid that
information on casualties is also true.” Half of the “cargo 200″ 7 isbr 2nd AK ROA already
the complete installation data, and Vayne are all afraid,” said

Earlier, we reported that the Ukrainian riot police liquidated one of leaders of fighters of “LNR” Oleg Anashchenko.

At the same time since 10 June on the demarcation line started the control points of entry and exit.

Mark Voroshilov